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  • Thank you all to those who have voted in the poll! It is an ongoing poll, so please don't think it's too late to vote.

    That being said, the responses we've had so far are great. Obviously you want more than just icons from us! While I can't promise anything, we'll see what we can do, especially taking into account the next point.

  • Both I and [livejournal.com profile] dawnduskdancer are currently enjoying the stresses of tertiary education. This means slow updates from us.

  • I've noticed that we had an small influx of people joining the community since I put up the poll. This may have been for any number of reasons but I feel this needs to be stated.

    We will never members-lock any of our graphic or resource posts, now or in the future.

    We're icon consumers too and we know how frustrating it is to have to join a community just to see the icons. Yes, we can't keep track of who uses our icons that well, but we believe that sharing is at the heart of all aspects of fandom, even icon making.
    All we ask in return is that you share the knowledge of where you got that cool icon of yours.

  • Lastly, a bit of fun after all that seriousness:


    Because we don't spend Saturday Nights bitching about 100x100 pixels.

    Our thread is here. If you love our icons, please leave a comment! And don't forget to comment on other icon makers you like too!


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